Welcome to the 17th International DanubeExchange!

President's address of welcome with information on eventlocation, services and prices.
A growing number of participants (more than 800 last year) and lots of positive feedback have confirmed that this event has become one of the most important opportunities where you can exchange up-to-date information about the harvest and market situation with well-known representatives of the agricultural trade in Central Europe.
More than 2 years after the start of the Russian attack against Ukraine, prices on the agricultural commodity markets have fallen back to pre-war levels. New quotas and tariffs for imports are being discussed or have already been introduced. The challenges due to greening and sustainability requirements in production, transport and trade are constantly increasing.
Therefore once again, the exchange of opinions between market participants and the deepening of personal relationships will be key success factors. The team of the Exchange in Vienna has taken up to create an efficient and pleasant meeting platform for this purpose.
On Friday, September 6, 2024, starting at 9:00 a.m., the rooms of the agricultural products exchange in Vienna, Taborstrasse 10, 1020 Vienna, will be available to you. Entrance fee for online registrations (until August 30, 2024) is € 100/person or at the box office € 110/person. The enclosed text will inform you about options for presenting your company. Free refreshments will be offered at several snack stations and a lunch buffet. I would particularly like to point out our offer in the courtyard of the building, with drinks, regional snacks and ice cream as well as coffee and cake in our own artist café.
I wish you an interesting, successful but also pleasant exchange in Vienna

KR Josef Dietrich
Präsident der Börse für landwirtschaftliche Produkte in Wien
Börse für landwirtschaftliche Produkte in Wien
Taborstraße 10 . 1020 WIEN . Tel. +43 1 214 16 55